Some people only dream of angels.  We held one in our arms.





On December 21, 2009 at 5:54am, our son Joseph Richard was Heaven Born. 

We have heard from people who want to send flowers or offer their help to us.  At this time our greatest need is just some time to grieve as a family.  However, you can help us by helping others.

While our angel will never walk here on Earth, we certainly learned of other angels who do. Those angels are the nursing staff in the Labor and Delivery department of Central DuPage Hospital. They were most definitely angels who helped us though our darkest day. We have spoken to a member of the staff who told us of some supplies that they could really use to help other families who are in the same situation as us, and we want to make sure these angels can help others in the same way they did us.  These include some extra soft tissues for all the tears that are shed (instead of the standard tissues they normally have in the hospital that are like sandpaper after a few minutes), special outfits for the Heaven Born that for whatever reason have been difficult to obtain, and other supplies.  

If you want to help us ... help us bring supplies to ease the pain of others who are having their dark days.  Please consider clicking on the button below and donating money to a special account that we will use to buy these supplies for the nurses to give to the families.  Donations are not tax deductible, but will be going to a tremendous cause.  If you wish to donate by check, please feel free to email me at matt at and I will give you the information on how to do that too.

Thank you,

Matt, Theresa and Faith

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